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The Iberian Pyrite Belt (FPI) is one of the largest and most important metallogenic provinces in the world.

IGME, LNEG and JA have a wealth of scientific information on FPI which is dispersed in reports, databases and projects in the mentioned organisms, without harmonizing and without spatial continuity.

Litoteca del IGME en Peñarroya - Pueblonuevo IGME’s core repository in Peñarroya – Pueblonuevo

The implementation period for the project expires on the 31 December 2018. The intervention area of the project is confined to the Iberian Pyrite Belt (FPI), which extends to the Alentejo and the Algarve in Portugal, and through Andalusia in Spain, from the western edge of the province of Seville, a large part of the province of Huelva and to the Portuguese Atlantic coast, with dimensions approximately 250 km long by 40 km wide.

The objectives are focused on:

Gravels of sampling Gravels of sampling
Continuous samples of borehole Continuous samples of borehole